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    Head Professor Dennis Knaust

    Owner, Head Instructor, Black Belt

    Professor Dennis is a native of St. Charles County, having spent his childhood and teenage years growing up in St. Peters, MO. Dennis decided to start training after signing up 3 of his children. After being intrigued by the art since we first saw it 20 years prior, he could no longer simply watch this sport as a spectator and he began studying in BJJ.

    Professor Dennis enjoys spending his time off the mats with his family, enjoying the outdoors fishing, and–of course–more jiu jitsu.

    Professor Dennis is a 2017 IBJJF World Masters gold medalist, multiple-time gold medalist in the American Grappling Federation in Gi and NoGi competition in multiple states, and holds honors in other organizations as well.

    Ranks and Certifications

    IBJJF World Masters gold medalist, 2017
    American Grappling Federation – Gi gold medalist, multiple years
    American Grappling Federation – No Gi gold medalist, multiple years

    “I just want people to be better than they were the day before” – Professor Dennis Knaust