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    Martial Arts For Beginners

    Martial arts for beginners. Our philosophy at Gracie Barra St. Peters is rooted in our saying that “Jiu Jitsu is for everyone.” We pride ourselves on being an environment that hosts martial arts for beginners classes and where any newcomer can thrive, regardless of what inspired them to learn martial arts.

    Your background or age does not matter at Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu St. Peters. We want to provide martial arts for beginners and teach the arts in a setting that encourages development and camaraderie. When you walk through the doors of our martial arts gym in St. Peters, you will be welcomed and nurtured throughout your martial arts journey. We are sure that you will find our school an exciting and challenging place that allows you to grow as a person and achieve your martial arts for beginners goals.

    Give Gracie Barra St. Peters a call at 636-339-4277 or contact us to schedule a free martial arts for beginners class today.

    ”I just want people to be better than they were the day before.”

    — Gracie Barra St. Peters Professor Dennis Knaust

    Martial Arts For Beginners: What’s In It For Me or My Child?

    Our skilled instructors are honored to offer St. Peters residents the best in martial arts for beginners, from classes for children and kids and teens to men and women. No matter the reason you are interested in martial arts for beginners, we have a home for you to train, learn, and grow as a martial artist.

    For parents: Our main goal is to instill confidence in your child, give them the tools to defend themselves against bullies, and sharpen their minds. Our program and martial arts for beginners structure is set up to provide children and teens the platform to gain a lifelong love of martial arts and teach them the martial arts life skills to help them become better citizens, students, and human beings. The Gracie Barra family serves as a showcase of sorts for many of the kids who came through our doors to participate in martial arts for beginners as youngsters and now excel. Their advancement is fun to see, and it’s why we turn the lights on every morning.

    The Top 10 Reasons to Start Martial Arts for Beginners:

    1. Increased Confidence
    2. Full Body Workout
    3. Increased Flexibility
    4. Better Coordination
    5. Self Defense Skills
    6. Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
    7. Improved Mental Stamina
    8. Improved Social Skills
    9. Develop Self Discipline
    10. Stress Relief
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    Martial Arts For Beginners: Types of Martial Arts

    Every martial art is unique, but martial arts as a general term refers to a collection of different types of combat and defense training meant to defend against threats and defeat opponents. Each different martial arts discipline has a different focus and style. At Gracie Barra St. Peters what we teach our martial arts for beginners students is a convergence of principles of several martial arts from different styles. Learn comprehensive martial arts for beginners skills and by studying at Gracie Barra St. Peters.

    Martial arts for beginners fall into one of the following categories:

    • Striking or Stand-up Styles
      • Boxing
      • Karate
      • Kickboxing
      • Muay Thai
    • Grappling
      • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
      • Sambo
      • Wrestling
    • Throwing/Takedown Styles
      • Aikido
      • Judo
    • Weapons Based Styles
      • Kendo
      • Iaido
    • Low Impact Styles
      • Tai Chi
      • Chi Gong

    Martial Arts For Beginners: Improving Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

    Our martial arts for beginners classes are excellent avenues for meeting new people and improving your mind, body, and spirit. Rooted in brotherhood, expansion, and integrity, Gracie Barra’s martial arts for beginners program relies on the fundamentals of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy and the Carlos Gracie Senior 12 Commandments. These timeless teachings provide parameters for each student, as well as an overall bar for us to reach in martial arts for beginners. Martial arts for beginners is more than self defense, it is a mindset that provides a foundation for a new, vibrant lifestyle.

    With knowledgeable instructors and a welcoming atmosphere, Gracie Barra St. Peters is the perfect place to start martial arts for beginners. Gracie’s martial arts for beginners program is for anyone who values martial arts, honor, respect, wellness, and respect. It does not matter that you are just starting martial arts for beginners; we welcome you with open arms.

    Martial Arts for Beginners | Gracie Barra St. Peters

    Gracie Barra St. Peters is part of the world’s top martial arts for beginners team. With multiple times and dates offered, our schedule is made to fit around yours. For every age and every schedule, Gracie Barra St. Peters is the place for you to start martial arts for beginners. Contact us or give us a call at 636-339-4277 to learn more about martial arts for beginners or to book a complimentary beginner martial arts class today.

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